Using games to change the game.

Advances in Security Education 2017

The CFP for ASE'17 is released!

2017 USENIX Workshop on Advances in Security Education (ASE'17), August 15, 2017, co-located with USENIX Security in Vancouver, BC.

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ASE is dedicated to serving the security education community, as a venue for cutting-edge research, best practices, and experimental curricula in computer security education. Submit your good work to ASE, and join us in Vancouver!


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Royal Holloway University

Zachary Peterson recently had the opportuinity to collaborate with Andreas Hagman at Royal Holloway University to create a video demonstrating the value of visualizing security issues through game play. The video features [d0x3d!] as a way to introduce the idea of the value of digital data to young, non-CS students, as well as Andreas' fascinating cyber wargame.

The video is available here, and below.

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Paper at CSET'15: Experiences with using ARG elements in security education

Our experiences on using narrative-driven alternate reality security games for first-year CS students will be appearing at the 2015 USENIX Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (CSET15).

For a while now, we've been interested in security education with creative and engaging narratives, paired with rabbit-hole/puzzle-like structures. We wrote a grant about it and we've been trying out structure and puzzles since then.

Most recently, we got a chance to use some of these exercises described in our paper at EPIC 2015. Below, at the Cal Poly Cyber Lab, we are running through a scaffolded puzzle built around a …

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[d0x3d!] at EPIC 2015

We had an awesome time playing [d0x3d!] at CalPoly SLO's EPIC 2015 program with campers each week (Grade 7-9, Grades 10-11, Grade 12). Bright students, really engaged, having fun with a broad range of STEM topics! It was a pleasure getting to talk, play board games, and listen to what they thought about the data they value in their lives.

EPIC 2015 Session 1 (Wed) EPIC 2015 Session 1 (Wed)

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