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Polish security blog has an article about [d0x3d!]

[d0x3d!] on has an article about [d0x3d!]

[d0x3d!] on BBC Radio 5

BBC Radio 5's Outriders postcast talks to Zachary and Mark about [d0x3d!]. Direct link to the interview here

[d0x3d!] on has an article about [d0x3d!]

[d0x3d!] on EdGamer's podcast

EdGamer talks about d0x3d! on Episode 84.

[d0x3d!] on has an article about [d0x3d!]

[d0x3d!] at SCALE 11x

We presented at the Southern California Linux Expo talking about [d0x3d!]

Royal Holloway University on [d0x3d!]

The Information Security Group at the Royal Holloway University of London sponsored a video on the Visualisation of Security via Gameplay featuring Zachary Peterson and [d0x3d!]

Missouri S&T GenCyber Camp and [d0x3d!]

The Missouri S&T GenCyber camp has a nice write-up of their activities, and they mention using [d0x3d!].